Is Your Fleet in Compliance?

Back Up Camera Systems Are Required By Law For All Semi-Trucks and Buses 15 Ft. or Longer

semi-truck fleet compliance

Truck safety technology is helping make roads safer. Wireless backup cameras, like the rear obstacle detection systems that TPC Vehicle Safety provides, is one of the top upgrades fleet owners and independent truck owner/operators can implement easily to comply with federal regulations.

A new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that combining automatic braking with rearview cameras and sensors can cut reverse crashes by 78 percent.

The rear visibility portion of the FMVSS 111 regulation, which is the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, was phased in starting May 2017. It requires all vehicles with a 10,000-pound gross vehicle weight or less. That requirement was already in place for heavier vehicles. Company fleet and safety managers will want to understand the new regulation to monitor compliance with FMVSS for their vehicles, including properly fixed adjustments of any obstructions of the camera equipment.

Basically, the rule requires full visibility of an area 10 feet by 20 feet from the vehicle’s rear centerline. Department of Transportation federal standards for rear visibility apply to all new vehicles under 10,000, requiring backup cameras by May 2018. Congress called for the rules in 2008 but deadlines were extended four times due to cost concerns.

Back-over accidents kill an estimated 210 people in the United States each year and cause another 15,000 injuries, NHTSA says.